Live Like the World is Dying
your guide to leftist/anarchist prepping and revolution
S1E32 - Jimmy on Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

Margaret talks to Jimmy from Mutual Aid Disaster Relief about their work and why you should get involved in your local network.

S1E31 - Guy on Heat-related Illness

S1E30 - Parks on Disaster Relief

Margaret talks to Parks from Appalachian Medical Solidarity about providing medical interventions after a disaster.

S1E29 - Shane Burley on Confronting Fascism during the Apocalypse

Margaret talks to Shane Burley about confronting fascism during the apocalypse

S1E28 - Liza Kurtz on Disaster Studies and Elite Panic

I talk to Liza Kurtz about disaster studies and elite panic.

S1E26 - adrienne maree brown on Emergent Strategy

S1E25 - Cici and Eepa on radio

S1E24 - Philip on Security Culture

how we can keep ourselves safe from repression