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3 years ago

S1E14 - Janet and Dave on Herbalism for Preparedness

Episode Notes

The guests provided us with some resources:

Herbal first aid aftercare for those who have experienced police violence:

Seed, Soil and Spirit: an herb school for QTBIPOC and allies with social justice framing:

Rootwork Herbals: an online and in-person school:

Excellent free foundational herbal medicine resources from Jim Macdonald:

Introduction to herbal medicine book from Rosemary Gladstar:

Herbal first aid wound care from 7song:

Free online herb school with the late great Michael Moore:

This is an herbal respiratory infection protocol. Good for the upcoming flu season:

Youtube channel with educational herb and gardening videos from Joe Hollis at Mountain Gardens:

Ideas for an herbal first aid kit. Make your own!

Learn about Bidens, a weedy and abundant herb that works wonders on serious infections:

Indigenous perspective on relations with plants: Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer:

How is our individual health tied to that of our communities, our society and all of life on Earth? Read about Radical Vitalism:

Herbs for grounding in turbulent times:

Herbs for when you are freaking out:

Zines: Ease Your Mind: Herbs for Mental Health

Under Pressure: Herbs for Resilience

On the radical potential of herbalism: Using the elements as a map through the ever-changing and increasingly challenging territory, for individuals and movements: You are Nature: Working with the Elements for Change:

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