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3 years ago

S1E8 - Bex on Responding to Gunshot Wounds at Demonstrations

Episode Notes

Bex has compiled this list of supplies and where one option of where you can source them:

IFAK Build 🦇 Current lowest price per kit: $95.25 (This doesn't include tax, shipping, or bag/pouch for the kit)

CAT Gen 7 (1) $30/each: available from NAR, Chinook, Rescue Essentials, etc

ETD (2) 4" flat, $7/each:

Chest seal (2) Hyfin twin pack, $15/pair:

Hemostatic gauze (1)

ChitoGauze z-fold, 3"x4yd, $32/each (on sale)

Celox rapid Z-fold, 3"x5', needs med auth to purchase? $34/each

QuikClot combat gauze z-fold, 3"x4yd, $43/each

Sharpie (1) Staples 12 pack, $8/12 on sale (.66/each)

Gloves (2 pair) Nitrile exam gloves size L, $13/100 (. 52/kit)

Shears (1) 7.5" stainless Shears, $3/each

Zipper bag for gloves (1) "sandwich size", $3.50/50 (. 07/each)